"So do you want to be right or do you want to be free?"

Forgiveness can really be a big challenge in our life.

We tend to hold on to it like it is a treasure, but truly it is not! Forgiveness should become part of our self journey and growth to overcome obstacles in our life.

Yes it is true, when we are unable to forgive others we are literally creating obstacles for ourselves in our journey. By not...

The daily challenges of life makes it easy for us to come from ego, judgement and scarcity.

Our ego is our opponent inside of us nudging us to come from fear and lack. It diminishes our light , our vitality, our vibration and our consciousness. We become focused on the ordinary day to day trivial matters that only weigh us down and keep us in survival mode. When we are judging we are imersed in bla...

“Change your thinking, shift your life”

I choose to live in my own love and light every day without comparison, competition, or scarcity.  I nurture my own unique gifts for I am the creator of my life.  This has been my motto for living a happy and transformative life.  We are all unique and bring our own special gifts with us to this world.  Our job is to uncover and unwrap them in this lifetime....

I explain why we created the Conscious Co-op and what it takes to be a part of it.

Where did I get this mantra about how to enjoy my life to it's fullest? It was something that came to me through my own journey.

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