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"I believe you can create your perfect life exactly where you are by staying heart centered in everything you do."

Our Mission

Heal Yourself, Heal the World by Dropping Limited beliefs

that are holding you back from living your most fulfilling life. 

Step out of your fear box and use your voice.

Know that your past no longer defines you!

Choose YOU by becoming the CEO of your life.



Your Power (8).png

Grateful Heart 

Connect to your Gratitude daily.

(State 3 things you're grateful for)

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Grounded In
Love & Compassion

Speak to yourself and others

with love and compassion daily.

(Notice 3 things you love about yourself)

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Guided by G❤D

Remember that you are Guided by G❤D everyday as you walk your journey. 

(Say Thank you to G❤D for the path, direction, and yes, even your obstacles.)

Upcoming Events

  • WHT Collective Mastermind
    Wed, May 31
    Boca Raton
    May 31, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
    Boca Raton, 1800 N Dixie Hwy, Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA
    Expand your network and connect with diverse industry experts.
    Tue, Aug 08
    Bellwether Beach Resort St Petersburg FL
    Aug 08, 4:00 PM – Aug 10, 10:00 PM
    Bellwether Beach Resort St Petersburg FL, 5250 Gulf Blvd, St Pete Beach, FL 33706, USA
    A three-day event to ignite your power within! Tap into your inner power and allow your light to shine. Leave the limitations behind and join other empowered women in this immersive, expansive, healing, and spiritual experience. The only immersion, expansion, and integration summit of it

A three-day event to ignite your power within 

Leave the limitations behind and join other empowered women in this immersive, expansive, healing, and spiritual experience.

A Fulfilling Life Can Be Obtained By Living The 3G Effect Lifestyle.

What drives me is the belief that "Together we are WON". Uncovering our gifts and sharing them with the world can leave this world a better place than we found it. When we shine our light on each other, it ignites the bright light that is within each one of us to empower us on our journey. My goal is to bring out the bright light that is within you and to empower you to know just how special and unlimited you are!


I believe strongly in growth and transformation for all that seek it. I desire to help people find a connection to themselves by living their most authentic life. I'm also a speaker and an author of book The Grass is Greenest Where I Am. Learn to live in your own love & light, with its companion, the Love & Light Journal


I am blessed to be married to my soulmate, Steven, for 26+ years. We have 3 beautiful children, whom we adore.



 Hi, my name is Noah Crane,
Heal Yourself, Heal the World"

I'm the creator of "The 3G Effect" mindset and jewelry line to live your most empowered and fulfilling life. By doing 3 important actions daily and focusing on a positive attitude and mindset, you can truly transform your life.

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Discover the collection

When you focus on limitless possibilities, you discover how resourceful and powerful you are. You find more connection to yourself, always knowing the best is yet to come! Use the power of " The 3G Effect" each day to create a life you truly love!


Creating a Conscious LIFE

I cannot stress enough that the choices you make today create what you will experience tomorrow. Set a goal to constantly commit to your future growth and development. Check out my videos and stay inspired to recreate your reality and live a life you love.




Georgette Yerrill

Sometimes we get caught up in the every day stresses involving other people – people in the work environment who may not be the high vibration kind. The interaction with the wrong people causes us to lose the connection of our true self and lowers our vibration. I must admit that after a rough day in a chaotic environment and feeling completely out of my element, Noah came to mind. I felt so spiritually empty that I needed a dose of Noah - the one person who can pull me out of my funk. I spoke with Noah, a positive, nurturing and kind person filled me up to the point that I felt completely calm. Just speaking with her for a few minutes, my mind was one with my body. Her positive reinforcement of what really does matter in life and redirecting my focus to the things that matter is key here. It is not only the words she uses, but her sincere tone that makes you feel safe and cared for. You feel that she gains satisfaction in elevating you to a positive, light place. She is a true healer!


Denise Bordeau

Noah Crane’s life coaching has changed my life exponentially.  She taught me how to change my perspective and that has changed everything in my life for the better. She taught me how to forgive. She taught me how to let go of resentments, anger, and fears.  I had not seen or spoken to my Mother in 22 years when I received a call from a family member that wanted me to contact her because she was dying and in Hospice Care. I asked Noah what she thought.  She spoke to me about love, compassion, and forgiveness and then she said these amazing and powerful words, “You could call her and tell her you love her and you forgive her.  You can help give her a peaceful transition”.  No matter all the hurt and pain and suffering in the toxic relationship I had with my Mother my entire life, I knew instantly Noah was right, and that I could help give my Mom a peaceful transition, and I decided it really was something I wanted to do for her.  Deep down and at the heart of it all, she was my Mom. I always loved her and wanted her to be a person that she could not be. I not only left my Mom a voice message saying I loved her and forgave her, I felt compelled to see her before she died and flew 1500 miles to be with her.  Even though she was bedridden, 80 pounds and on morphine, my Mom and I spent 2 amazing days together filled with love and forgiveness.  My Mother passed peacefully with all 3 of her children at her bedside.  I found a peace with my Mom in those days that I had not known my entire life.  I will cherish those moments, the words that were spoken between us, and the peace we found together for the rest of my life.  I cannot imagine the hell I would be in if I had not connected with my Mom before her passing.  I also had not spoken to my brother or sister in many years.  My forgiveness of my Mom and the connections made with my family during her passing brought them and their families back into my life.  I now enjoy an awesome relationship with all of those amazing people.  Noah Crane taught me how to be open and accepting and aware that the universe will provide what you need when you need it, and that you can create a life you love  through her life coaching.  I am eternally grateful to her. I highly recommend Noah to anyone that would like to experience enlightenment, empowerment, and fulfillment in their life and relationships.

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Love and Light


Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who fill your heart and nurture your soul.

–Noah Crane


World Healing Tour

The World Healing Tour's (formerly Conscious Co-Op) mission is to create a conscious and abundant mindset–no scarcity, enough for everyone! By creating connections and supporting one another, we raise awareness & grow collectively. We are like-minded individuals who use our unique offerings and skills to change the world.

You can find us on Clubhouse every Monday evening at 8 pm EST. It's free to join.

For more information, please contact:

Noah at:

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