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“Change your thinking, shift your life”

Noah Crane

I choose to live in my own love and light every day without comparison, competition, or scarcity. I nurture my own unique gifts for I am the creator of my life. This has been my motto for living a happy and transformative life. We are all unique and bring our own special gifts with us to this world. Our job is to uncover and unwrap them in this lifetime. When we stop letting the outside world determine who we become and start listening to ourselves, our life can start to shift and change. Connecting to our true essence without needing reassurance from others helps us stand in our power. Learning to shine our light bright and stand in our greatness every day. The outside world is full of glitz and glamour that takes you away from what really matters. We need to stay focused and be intentional about what we are creating and the impact it will have later in our life.

When I talk about no comparison I speak about being happy with ourselves and nurturing our own uniqueness. Being grateful for the differences and finding our own purpose in this life. Loving ourselves and accepting ourselves just the way we are. Standing in our power and not worrying what other people may think or say about us. Admiring others for their gifts and talents and not being jealous of anyone, but rather, being happy for them.

No competition means you live in your own love and light, never competing with anyone but yourself, being better than you were before. Being happy for others always, knowing that whatever is meant for you will always be yours, and whatever isn’t, never was. Empowering others and sharing everything you can to help others along the way.

No scarcity means you believe that the world is abundant and everything you need will always be provided for you. You realize that your thoughts and your words can limit your life, so in order to create abundance you must think abundantly. Being grateful for all that you already have, knowing that gratitude is the path of flow and abundance always.

When we learn to connect authentically to who we are, we no longer feel pulled in so many different directions. We learn to control ourselves and create a life we love. If we want more peace, love, and happiness in our lives, we must change our thinking and remove the barriers that block us. By eliminating comparison, competition, and scarcity from our life we get to create a more connected, powerful, and fulfilling life. It is our job to grow and transform and become the person we are meant to be. It is never too late to shift our thinking and recreate our life.

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