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Being the Best Version of You!

The best version of yourself means being true to yourself, but what does that really mean? Sometimes it is easier to explain something by identifying what it's not. Here are some things to consider when being the best version of yourself:

  • • Being true to yourself is not about pleasing others;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about hurting others;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about doing things you dislike;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about forcing yourself to do something;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about being hard on yourself;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about judging others and comparing yourself;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about being a victim of your surroundings;

  • • Being true to yourself is not about acting in a way that will attract more fans on social media.

Being true to yourself means that you behave and communicate in complete integrity with your beliefs, values, and, most of all, with what feels right in your heart. When there is an alignment with your inner self (emotions, states, and desires) and outer self (behaviors, communication, and relationships), you are the best version of yourself.

We often tend to act different for others. We want to please them and make sure they like us. As an example, at work, you may act different than with family or friends. When we are around people we trust, we let our guard down and are less worried about how others perceive us or what they think about us. But, the goal is to your true self in all areas of your life.

Being the best you, starts with taking responsibility for your own happiness and recognizing the power you have and stop giving it to others. When you blame others for who you are, you are not owning your responsibility in your life. You want to focus on what you value and what makes you happy. Once you are clear on your values, it's easier to let those around you see the real you. You can set clear boundaries and shift your behavior when it is not in alignment with your beliefs. But it starts with identifying your values and beliefs.

“Every decision you make reflects your evaluation of who you are.” Marianne Williamson

The more clear you become on your values, the more you can assert yourself around others and feel better about your decisions and actions. Be mindful, this isn't about judging others when you assert yourself. This isn't a free for all to act any way you want. This is positioning your thoughts in way that is about what you feel and living in alignment. Once you let go of trying to always please others, you can start living your life authentically. When you can accept that, others around you will too. And if they aren't willing to accept you, maybe they aren't meant to. be in your life.

Be proud of who you are and all of your accomplishments. Take time to appreciate yourself. Show yourself some self care. compassion towards ourselves will lead to better self-esteem and higher self-confidence. Then the true you can find that spot to shine. Authentic people are genuine, real and mostly in integrity with themselves.


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