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Connect to Your Life's True Purpose

We often ask ourselves questions like “What do I want to do with my life?“, “What am I really passionate about?”, or “How can I make my life better?” Some of us are in a place where we have a great job, great family, wonderful friends, but just feel like something is missing. That something is most likely indetifying your purpose in life. But how do we connect our lives with our life’s true purpose?

Finding your life’s purpose is more than just a saying. Did you know that living your purpose in life is crucial for your health and well-being for living a healthier and happier life?

When you have a purpose-driven life it gives you more clarity on what is important to you. And it also shines a light on what is not important any longer. When you can make that distinction, you will eliminate the unimportant things in your life and eliminate those toxic relationships.

My belief is that we are all healers of this world. We all have gifts and talents to share, and they come in many sizes and serve different roles. But, we all have something inside of us that makes us special that allows us to touch other people's lives. Take time to sit and reflect and re-evaluate your life. No one knows you better than yourself. Most of the time, your purpose is right in front of you. It's what gets you excited. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from those you trust. You probably already are showing your passion and purpose to others and you may not even realize it.

Live your life the most conscious way.

Living life in a conscious way will bring you closer on your path to your life’s purpose and finding meaning in your life. Living consciously gives you the power to experience your life differently and how you contribute to the world. The more engaged you are with your present, the more connected to your life’s purpose you will become. And you will be able to live your best life by being in the present, rather than always waiting for future moments to enjoy.

Surround yourself with positivity

The more you are around like-minded people, the more you will thrive. If you are around others who are living their purpose and are making change with positive contributions, you will get inspired. Invest time in those relationships. Look for organizations like Conscious Co-op that brings people together who are on the same journey of living in their light and love. Be open to exploring your interests and sharing with others to make a positive impact with your life.

Practice gratitude along the way

Becoming more conscious about how you communicate your gratitude can really open you up to the world. Be mindful of your circle and tell others how much they mean to you. Thank them for their efforts. Let them know how they inspire you, even if it's in a little way. Another way to practice gratitude is to use a journal to reflect on your life and go deeper on what you are thankful for.

Ask questions like “What can open up for me if I accepted myself full as I am right now?” Or “What am I grateful for that is working well in my life right now?’

By journaling your gratitude, it opens your mind to more positive outcomes and creates personal growth and transformation.

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