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“Learn from your past but don’t get stuck there.

Everything you ever wanted is in front of you.”


One constant in our life is the energy of flow. Everything flows forward in our lives. The flow of time, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, moving forward, nothing ever stays the same, not even us. The question is, how do we keep flowing forward? By letting go of our past, and not being stuck there for too long.

When we are stuck, it usually brings feelings of sadness, frustration, hopelessness, anger, and depression. Life may feel heavy and uncomfortable most of the time. We must learn to stay connected to our flow in order to feel good and connected to our lives.

When I think of flow, I imagine the flow of water. Watching it move easily and effortlessly as it flows through all obstacles. I often say, “what if we could be more like water?” What if we could release the past, reconnect to the present, and be open to welcome the future?

Learning how to move easily right over all obstacles that come our way. We would get our power back, and no longer be victims of our past but rather the co-creators of our future. That is the work. Letting go of the past, and shifting our life at all times forward. That’s our job to set ourselves free by letting the past go, and then recreating our future.

Once we have shifted, we then have the ability of manifesting a powerful future . Our goal should be to set ourselves free from the past by breaking old cycles that no longer serve us or our life. Then we have the opportunity to recreate new cycles that work. By doing that we are building ourselves, our confidence, and our future by consciously awakening ourselves to our endless potential.

This awakening reconnects us back to our forward flow, therefore letting us live a happier and more fulfilling life. By never giving up, we can become the masters of our own life and destiny. We welcome every moment and every day with an open heart. My belief is that, “the solutions we are looking for are always in front of us and not behind us!” The openness we create is a gateway and a path to transforming ourselves and elevating our life.

When we release our resistance and self-sabotage we can connect back to ourselves, and flow gracefully forward. Gratitude is the key ingredient that breaks the resistance in our life and opens up the opportunity to have our life flow.

The more grateful we are of the gifts in our lives, the easier we flow. The more connected we are to our flow and to the flow of life the happier we will be.


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