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My Mantra - The Grass is Greenest Where I Am

It came out of my own story and past. Having overcome many obstacles in my life and learning that I had to take control of my future in order to create a life I love.

My Mantra - The Grass is Greenest Where I Am | Noah Crane

The Grass Is Greenest Where I Am removes comparisons, competition, jealousy, and scarcity. It lets you meet yourself exactly where you are at with love and compassion. By nurturing your own gifts in your life without comparing yourself to anyone else. Knowing that you are unique and are here in this world to contribute your special gifts to others and the world.

Finding connection to your own love and light and helping others find their own true gifts. Knowing that by helping others and not competing you are actually empowering your own light and life. This revelation came to me in my teenage years. I realized that I could create a life I love in my future.

I made a plan and created an elimination system because I believed in order to create what I wanted, I would first have to eliminate what I did not want. I took time to go inwards and get to really know myself and my true desires in life. I wanted to learn more and I wanted to grow more and transform my life. I had to believe in myself first and realize that the only limits I had were created by me. I was open to receive, I was open to give, I was ready to become the best version of me.

I grew up with a big poster of Albert Einstein above my bed. It read "Great Spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds". Those words kept me focused on what really mattered that was even bigger than me at that time. "Our words create our world, and our world is created by our words". We have the power to shift our life and our dreams at any time. We do that by staying true to ourselves and our path to create the life we love.

Our connection to ourselves is the most important connection we have, always. When we are connected we are rooted in our lives and with a strong foundation anything and everything will be possible.


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