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The GIFT of Rejection

Why is it so hard for us to accept rejection?

I spoke about this topic at the recent Conscious Co-op Dinner Event. We often take rejection personally. We all want to feel like we belong or are wanted. Acceptance gives us a feeling of validation. So when we we are told 'no' or are pushed away, it can feel humiliating or vulnerable. It can be painful.

However, I've learned through my own struggles that rejection also brings a message with it. A gift. I know there were times I held myself back because of my fear of being rejected. I noticed I was not being true to myself due to that fear. I also noticed that I was often taking a harder path than needed to avoid rejection.

When I started focusing on what gift rejection brought to me, I started growing more and faster. If you look at rejection as a guide, it can help you move faster towards what you really want. If we are told 'no' or that we can't be part of a specific group or activity, it's our guides getting us into action to see the bigger picture. To stay focused. To become more resilient.

If we can look at that rejection as the Universe telling us that was not the 'one' or you are not meant to be there, it can help you open you eyes and ears to what options you do have out there.

Taking the power of rejection into your own hands gives you the ability to move through with less resistance. You can use the rejection to recalibrate your actions, focus on your choices, and not live by the decisions of others.

When you can accept and acknowledge that rejection is there to guide you, it will result in you sharing your gifts. Don't hold yourself back your true gifts and talents because of fear and what others might think. Possibility is right in front of you. Embrace rejection as a gentle nudge to move in another direction. But keep moving.

Next time you feel you have been rejected, say "Thank you!"

Dr. Wayne Dyer said "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."


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