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The Grass Grows Where I Am

A Collaborative Anthology Book on Enlightenment


About This Project

I achieved great success with my self-published #1 Amazon release of The Grass is Greenest Where I Am and now invite you to contribute a 1500-word chapter to The Grass Grows Where I Am. Each co-collaborator will be highlighted on my Spotify Podcast: World Healing Tour.

Why You Should Join Us!

1. Collaboration and Networking

Co-authoring offers a chance to collaborate, exchange ideas, and expand your network within the writing community.

2. Creative Stimulation

Working with talented authors can ignite your creativity and push your writing abilities to new heights.

3. Shared Success

Contribute your skills and expertise to be part of a collective success story, reaching a wider audience as a writer.

4. Learning and Growth

Engage in a collaborative writing process to learn from others, gain insights, and enhance your writing skills.


What Collaborators Get

Apply To Be A Co-Author Now!

Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of a groundbreaking initiative that could shape the future understanding of enlightenment, apply now and be a part of this transformative journey!

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