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World Healing Tour II : Limitless


October 20, 2024
11:30 am to 3:30 pm

Wyndham Boca Raton
Includes Brunch 

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Grow Your Vision

Join us for an unforgettable day of inspiration, transformation, and connection at the World Healing Tour II: Limitless! This event is designed to empower you to break barriers, embrace brilliance, and become boundless. Set in the beautiful Wyndham Boca Raton, this event promises a unique blend of enlightening talks, engaging activities, and soulful experiences that will leave you rejuvenated and ready to unleash your full potential.

World Healing Tour Changes Lives

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Empowerment to Break Barriers, Embrace Brilliance, and Become Boundless

At the World Healing Tour II: Limitless, you will be surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals who are all on a journey towards greater self-awareness and personal growth.


This event is designed to provide you with the inspiration, tools, and strategies needed to break through the barriers that have been holding you back. You will learn how to recognize and overcome self-limiting beliefs, allowing you to unlock your full potential.

This event is not just about listening to inspiring stories; it’s about becoming a part of a movement that celebrates growth, resilience, and the pursuit of excellence. Whether you are seeking personal development, professional growth, or a deeper sense of purpose, the World Healing Tour II: Limitless will provide you with the foundation to build a life that is truly limitless.​


Break Barriers

 Identify the obstacles in your life that are preventing you from achieving your goals. Through powerful talks and interactive sessions, you will gain insights and practical advice on how to dismantle these barriers and move forward with confidence.


Embrace Brilliance


Discover the unique brilliance within you. Our speakers and award recipients will share their journeys of embracing their inner brilliance and making a significant impact in their fields. You will be encouraged to recognize your own strengths and talents, and learn how to harness them to create a fulfilling and successful life.

Become Boundless

Step into a life of limitless possibilities. By the end of this event, you will feel empowered to pursue your dreams without fear or hesitation. You will have the tools and support needed to take bold steps towards a future where you can truly thrive.

Event Highlights

Prepare yourself for a day filled with transformative experiences, empowering connections, and soulful activities designed to uplift and inspire.


DJ Bumi

Get ready to groove to the vibrant beats of DJ Bumi, who will be spinning tunes that uplift your spirit and energize your soul throughout the event.


Live Music by Cecilia St. King

Enjoy live performances by the talented Cecilia St. King, whose soulful music will touch your heart and elevate your experience.


Delicious Brunch

Indulge in a mouth-watering brunch provided by Farmers Table, known for their fresh, locally sourced, and delicious cuisine.

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Featured Speaker Noah Crane

Noah Crane, the visionary behind the 3G Effect Mindset, will share her insights on breaking the chains of self-sabotage to help you rise to your full potential. Her powerful message will guide you towards embracing your true self and living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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Special Award Ceremony:

Global Light Awards

As part of this event, we are honored to host the Global Light Award ceremony, presented by Livia Devi. This prestigious award recognizes the incredible achievements of Wealth Consciousness Mastermind graduates who have created 5D businesses based on Divine Service.

Award Recipients

This ceremony will emphasize elements of Divine Service, Wealth Consciousness, 5D Business, and Global Impact, highlighting diverse voices and stories with a unified message of creating a better world through our businesses.

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Sound Bath

Experience the profound relaxation and healing of a sound bath to close the event. Let the soothing sounds wash over you, bringing peace and clarity to your mind and body

World Healing Tour II:  Limitless

October 20, 2024, 11:30-3:30
Includes Brunch

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Wyndham Boca Raton

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