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Stop Doing and Start Creating

There is a distinct difference between doing and creating. Doing is fulfilling on our obligations in life with a constant redundancy. We get up, get dressed, exercise, go to work, food shop, eat, work, and take care of others, it then repeats itself daily. We are good at getting it all done, since we have been doing the same routine most of our lives. We have adapted to getting it done and there for may have lost our own creative self-expressed energy in the process. We leave little or no time for creativity and for our own hopes and dreams. We have learned to push them aside and we just keep doing what we were taught for most of our lives. We have become automatically controlled by our obligations and environment and somehow forgot our hearts, souls, and our deepest desired dreams. We live an ordinary life that works, yet our soul and essence is screaming for help. Are you listening to your heart and soul? Or are you just shutting them up and pushing them away? What effect or cost do that have on your life today? Are you happy, content, and fulfilled? Many of us are not and therefore we feel frustrated, angry, and unfulfilled in our life. How can we break that cycle of doing and start living an inspiring life today? First, we need to put a pause on the doing by collecting our energy and to stop spreading ourselves thin. If we are always doing, we are always being pulled away from ourselves and we must concentrate that energy back upon us. You achieve that by first stepping on your “break”, by learning to pause and be present to what you truly desire now. Here are the five steps that can help you change.

  1. Write down what you want to create. By writing it, you become more present to its existence right now.

  2. Write down what you are doing today that is keeping you from your dreams.

  3. Make space between your doing, which will allow you to focus on your dream.

  4. Draw a road map that will help you by organizing the steps that are necessary to achieving your dream (which in turn will help you visualize it and bring it to existence)

  5. Be present and intentional with the time that you are given, plan it, and leave room for creativity.

I love the saying “make a plan or plan to fail” because a plan will help you construct the result you want and break the patterns that is stopping you from creating a life you truly love. The doing will never create the life that you truly desire. Stay connected to yourself by pulling creative energy from within, rather than from external sources. Stay intentional, focus on your passion, and make time for creativity daily. Always ask yourself, “Am I creating? Or Am I doing?” This type of mental questioning will keep you focused and on track.

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