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About Noah

Introducing Noah Crane, the brilliant mindset coach, creator, and founder of the transformative 3G Effect Mindset. With a profound commitment to helping individuals live a life of no regret, Noah is the visionary behind the groundbreaking philosophy that empowers her clients to break free from limitations, foster an abundance mindset, and embrace their authentic selves.

As the author of the inspirational book "The Grass is Greenest Where I Am and the Love and Light ," Noah shares timeless wisdom on finding contentment and crafting a life of fulfillment. Her philosophy emphasizes the significance of living in the present and embracing each moment with gratitude.

Noah extends her transformative impact globally as the host of the World Healing Tour podcast, guiding audiences toward healing and growth. 

Adding another layer to her creative endeavors, Noah is the visionary behind the 3G Effect Jewelry Collection. Each piece is crafted with intention, serving as a daily reminder of the transformative power within, urging individuals to live authentically and with purpose.

Embark on a transformative journey with Noah Crane and the 3G Collective, where unlocking the doors to a regret-free life becomes a powerful reality.

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Work With Noah



Guest Speaker

Noah brings a unique blend of passion, wisdom, and authenticity to captivate and motivate your audience. As a sought-after speaker, she shares insights on breaking free from limitations, fostering abundance, and living with purpose. Noah's engaging speaking style, coupled with her profound commitment to helping individuals live a life of no regret, ensures that your audience will be inspired to embrace their authentic selves and unlock their fullest potential. Book Noah Crane as a guest speaker for an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impact on your audience


Mindset Coaching

A beacon of empowerment and transformation in the realm of mindset coaching. With a unique blend of compassion and strategic guidance, Noah helps individuals unleash their full potential with the revolutionary 3G Effect Mindset. As a seasoned mindset coach, she is committed to guiding her clients beyond perceived limitations, fostering an abundance mindset, and embracing authentic living. Noah's coaching goes beyond traditional approaches, providing a holistic and impactful journey toward a life filled with purpose, passion, and the freedom to live with no regret



Step into the transformative world crafted by Noah Crane, not just a mindset coach and inspirational speaker but also the insightful author of "The Grass is Greenest Where You Are" and its companion, the "Love and Light Journal."  With Noah’s guidance, you will uncover your unique gifts and create a life of no comparison, no competition, no scarcity. Leave the pages of this book feeling in love with yourself and inspired to set yourself free from the shackles holding you back from your greatest life. This is your time to shine and enjoy a life of peace, abundance, success, love, and light.

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A Full and Satisfying Life Can Be Obtained By Simply Implementing The 3G Effect. 

What drives me is the belief that "Together we are WON". Uncovering our gifts and sharing them with the world can leave this world a better place than we found it. When we shine our light on each other, it ignites the bright light that is within each one of us to empower us on our journey. My goal is to bring out the bright light that is within you and to empower you to know just how special and unlimited you are!
I believe strongly in growth and transformation for all that seek it. I desire to help people find a connection to themselves by living their most authentic life.
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About the World Healing Tour Podcast

At the World Healing Tour Podcast, we're on a mission to inspire and empower individuals like you to step into your greatness and make a positive impact on the world. Through inspiring interviews, thought-provoking conversations, and actionable insights, we'll guide you in cultivating a heart-centered and conscious approach to life.

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What You Can Expect

Transformation Coaching & Speaker | Mindset Coach| Noah Crane

Inspiring Interviews

Tune in to captivating conversations with thought leaders, healers, entrepreneurs, and individuals who have harnessed the power of the 3G Effect Mindset to transform their lives and impact the world.

Transformation Coaching & Speaker | Mindset Coach| Noah Crane

Practical Tips

Gain practical tools and strategies that you can apply to your daily life to cultivate a mindset of gratitude, love, and empowerment.​

Transformation Coaching & Speaker | Mindset Coach| Noah Crane

Heart-Centered Conversations

Heart-Centered Conversations: Engage in heart-centered discussions that delve into topics such as self-discovery, healing, spirituality, conscious living, and more.

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Transformation Coaching & Speaker | Mindset Coach| Noah Crane

World Healing Tour Events

The World Healing Tour's (formerly Conscious Co-Op) mission is to create a conscious and abundant mindset–no scarcity, enough for everyone! By creating connections and supporting one another, we raise awareness to grow collectively. We are like-minded individuals who use our unique offerings and skills to change the world.

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Transformation Coaching & Speaker | Mindset Coach| Noah Crane

Love and Light

Transformation Coaching & Speaker | Mindset Coach| Noah Crane

Love yourself enough to surround yourself with people who fill your heart and nurture your soul.

–Noah Crane

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