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3G Effect Jewelry

Create a fulfilling, uplifting life that you love while eliminating negative emotions that hold you back with the "3G Effect". This simple 3-step formula helps you create a shift in your mindset and attitude.

When you focus on limitless possibilities, you discover how resourceful and powerful you are. You find more connection to yourself, always knowing the best is yet to come! Use the power of " The 3G Effect" each day to create a life you truly love!


When you wear your 3G Jewelry-embody it, see it, feel it, touch it, and connect to the "3G Effect".

As you put on your  3G jewelry daily and practice "The 3G Effect", you will unleash the power within you and discover endless possibilities!

The "3G Effect" is a gift to the world that I am sharing with you because YOU deserve the life of your dreams and so much more...

with love,

NOAH 💚  


2. Grounded in Love
    & Compassion

3. Guided by G❤D

1. Grateful Heart


Connect to the Positive energy you desire as you put on your 3G Effect Mindset Jewelry: 

We have so much to be grateful for! Gratitude looks a little bit different for each person, but the overall message is universal to all. The attitude of Gratitude keeps us present with everyday miracles we encounter.

Touch the G: Connect to your Gratitude.

State three things you are Grateful for right now.

For example: I am Grateful for the lessons, I am Grateful for my friends

Love keeps us connected to ourselves and others. Unshakable roots in this world ground us deeply in Love and Compassion. For more of a  fulfilling existence, free your heart, and soul and open yourself up to pure intentions. Project your love outward for an abundance of love in return.

Touch the G: Speak to yourself with Love and Compassion by noticing the characteristics you love about you-your smile, your heart, and your strength....Share that love by sending someone a heart emoji.

You are not alone! When you listen, G❤D is always guiding you. G❤D wants you to grow, transform, and become the best version of yourself!


Have faith and trust in yourself and your journey. Be grateful for who you are, whom you are becoming, and who you will be daily.

Touch the GSay thank you to G❤D for the path, the direction, and yes, even your obstacles.   

Your Power (9)_edited.jpg

"Your life didn't change;  you changed.

Keep transforming yourself to create a life you love."

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