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Conscious, Community, Connection.

I believe our power in this life is only as deep as our connections to others. We cannot be successful on our own. I always say, "because of you, I get to be me". No one can be who they are meant to be in the world without the support of others.

By helping others transform and shine, we get to live with love, light and transformation. Everyone is connected to each other, and therefore we all need each other to win and rise to our greatest self. "Together we are won" has always been my motto. My love for others helped me to co-create an amazing group called Conscious Co-Op. Our mission is to create abundance and lend support to others in the community, "Conscious Community Connection".

We raise awareness and grow sustainability among like minded individuals who want to use their unique offerings and skills to change the world. This special group invests in empowerment through education. It encourages members to be creative within a loving forum. The intention is to identify values and harness support within the community by professionals, individuals, and businesses. A way to connect on a more conscious level with your community, and make a difference.

Participants enjoy a beautiful organic lunch, followed by two speakers. One may lead us in meditation and connection, the other is an inspirational speaker who shares about his or her organization and the great things they are doing in the world. There is a safe space created with a great energy in the room. People make great connections with like minded individuals which help empower and shift their lives. Participants leave inspired and supported by the love and connections created.

Last month we featured two amazing and powerful women. First, Sunny Arfa, founder of Feel Great Meditate. She took us on a beautiful inner journey of meditation. She was followed by Laura Reiss, founder of Samaritans365, an organization that thrives in creating more love and kindness in our world, starting with our children. We support these women and their mission in the world.

To become a part of Conscious Co-Op, go to my website, , email me at, or call me at 561.774.1991.

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