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4 Steps to Develop Your Gratitude Mindset

When you think about the word “gratitude” what does it mean to you?

Each morning when you awake, be grateful that you have another day of life. One of the best ways to

understand gratitude is to think of everything as a miracle. The real art of being grateful is to develop an awareness on a continual basis about what you have no matter how small.

It is going to take practice to truly adopt an attitude of gratitude. We all lead busy lives these days but

you need to make room for gratitude.

Here are 4 steps you can take:

  1. Be Grateful When You Wake Up: Each morning when you wake up think about 3 things in your life that you are grateful for before you start your day

  2. Be Grateful Before You Go To Bed Each Night: Before you go to sleep, think about 3 things that happened during your day that you were grateful for

  3. Create a Gratitude Journal: In the morning and night think of 3 things, write them down and record how strongly you appreciate them. Helpful Tip: No fancy journal is necessary. Don't put obstacles in the way of starting your journal.

  4. Express your Gratitude to Others: When you are truly grateful to people, you will see how much they appreciate this and it will really give you a lift

One of the best ways to find things to be grateful for is to look for happiness in the things in your life

that you have right now. When you think about it there are so many things in your life that you can be grateful for. Just thinking about this can give you a real lift and make you feel a lot happier. So make a commitment to identify the smaller things in life that you tend to take for granted and be grateful for these things.

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