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Getting Motivated

Motivation is defined as the force which compels people to take an action. It is what drives you to set goals, work hard and succeed. Some of us have that burning desire to improve and grow as our motivator. Some people are motivated by social factors. They want to be part of group or affiliation where they feel they can contribute and make a difference. And sometimes we are motivated by fear. If we think there is a negative consequence we may be motivated to get into action. Identifying what is motivating you can help you to create your plan. If you have better motivators driving you, then you will be more likely to succeed. If you motivators aren't strong, you will lose momentum.

Create a Clear Picture

To grow, you need to have a vision. You won't be able to move towards your goals if you aren't sure of what they really are. Instead of saying "I want a better job." See yourself in that job. Visualize it. Connect to your five senses. What do you see? Hear? Touch? Taste? Smell? Describe it. Who do you work for? What role will you be in? How will you show up? How will it change your life for the better? Write it down. Create details. Being able to visualize yourself in the new role, will help you get excited about it. You can make it a pleasurable experience, which will keep you motivated to achieve the goal. And it will help you create steps to get to that goal.

Manage your Time

So many of us take time for granted. But if we don't manage our time, it tends to take over our life and then we feel we never have enough time. If you take accountability of your time, you will be more productive. Even if you could find one more hour every day of being truly productive, think how that could change your life. And when you see how much you are getting done, you will be more motivated to continue. Write down how you spend your time every day. You will notice patterns where your time is being spent unproductively. And if it feels like tracking your time will make you boxed in, it will actually be the opposite. You will enjoy more time for yourself and be more productive.

Take the time make a plan and schedule your time with action steps to meet your goal. Be specific. Break it down goals into smaller chunks of manageable time. If you are writing a book, instead of saying 'I will work on the book tomorrow'; change to 'I will write the introduction paragraph'. It's easier for your to take that on. Try to focus on something for 50-minute blocks of time. Stop, take a 5 minute break. Action plus intention equals the life you love.

Celebrate Your Amazingness!

Don't wait to you have achieved your milestone to celebrate. Take time to celebrate the small wins along the way. Every time you accomplish one of your goals, cheer yourself on. When you acknowledge your wins, it inspires you to get to the next step and it also gives your work meaning. And without meaning, there isn't any motivation. Spend about 5-10 minutes reflecting on your day and all that you got done. Write it down. Have a gratitude journal of things you are thankful for including what you have completed. And when you complete goals, give yourself a reward! Let yourself go back to revisit the image of what your success will look like when you attain your goal. Create a new commitment to yourself right now. Motivation doesn't last long though. You have to commit yourself to it and cultivate every day. If you need help setting goals and staying motivated, set up a discovery call with Noah Crane: Click Here to Book a Discovery Call.


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