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The 5 Best Ways to Help to Create Consciousness

The 5 Best Ways to Help to Create Consciousness

The daily challenges of life makes it easy for us to come from ego, judgement and scarcity.

Our ego is our opponent inside of us nudging us to come from fear and lack. It diminishes our light , our vitality, our vibration and our consciousness. We become focused on the ordinary day to day trivial matters that only weigh us down and keep us in survival mode. When we are judging we are imersed in blame and comparison, we become critical of ourselves and others. This only brings us unhappiness and misery.

When we come from scarcity, we can never attract abundance, and we are blind to any other possibilities. We become stuck in a cycle of lack, “bad luck” and negativity.

Today more than ever before, we must find a way to reconnect to ourselves and shine our light brighter in the world and on each other. We must find a way to raise our own vibration so we can help others elevate theirs. We do that by learning to raise our own consciousness by connecting to ourselves.

Consciousness is that awareness and mindfulness that can change and shift our world as we know it today. Consciousness starts with us as we learn to PAUSE and bring a greater sense of awareness to ourselves and our life at every moment. That awareness helps us connect to our higher self and listen to our own inner voice, our true voice, the voice of our soul.

We must ask ourselves these important questions:

1.) Is what I am doing right now, building or destroying what I want for me and my future?

2.) Are my actions coming from ego, a place of being right, dominating, justifying, or making others wrong; or from love and light?

When we chose to build and not diminish or destroy, everyone wins; especially us. By spreading love and light we create abundance, miracles, joy, peace, love, compassion and forgiveness to all including ourselves. We create a chain of connection and love for others to follow. This consciousness is our gift to spread in order to shift our life and raise our vibration and the vibration of our planet. Everything starts with you!

Here are my 5 Actions that will Help to Create Consciousness

1- For consciousness notice your breath, even notice the space between breaths

2- Not reacting to, but noticing this very moment.

3- Pause... focus on getting in touch with your soul- a place of love and compassion.

4- Chose to come from love not ego.

5- Be present to love and gratitude in this moment in time.


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