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The Grass Is Greenest Where I Am:

A Guide for Uncovering Your Greatest Self 

Unleash Your Inner Power and Create All That You Desire

Do you need clarity around your true path and purpose? Do you desire a loving relationship? Are you ready to create a life you love? If so, it’s time to get out of your head and dive deeply into your soul’s purpose. You have the power to create your “greenest grass” with ease, intention, and flow.


In The Grass Is Greenest Where I Am, author Noah Crane will help you tap into the universe’s overflowing abundance through her inspirational anecdotes and deep well of lesson-based wisdom. With Noah’s guidance, you will uncover your unique gifts and create a life of no comparison, no competition, no scarcity. Leave the pages of this book feeling in love with yourself and inspired to set yourself free from the shackles holding you back from your greatest life. This is your time to shine and enjoy a life of peace, abundance, success, love, and light.


The Grass Is Greenest Where I Am: Love and Light Journal

Journal New Cover.png

The Brightest Light Exists Within You!


This Love & Light Journal is a companion to Noah Crane’s inspirational book "The Grass Is Greenest Where I Am: Living in Your Own Love & Light and Sharing Your Unique Gifts with the World."

With this journal in hand, you can reflect on the thought-provoking messages Noah shares in her book or you can use it as a standalone journal whenever you wish to focus on the love and light within you.

Enjoy my friends...




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Unleash your inner power and create all that you desire.

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